Translating WordPress Websites with Babble-on and Crowdin

WordPress powers over 35% of the world’s websites, many of which cater to international, multilingual audiences. WordPress websites support various languages to deliver the same content. It can route visitors to a language that corresponds to their location or preferred language via a dropdown link.

This article will explain the benefits of a multilingual WordPress site and how you can create one with Babble-on and Crowdin. Also, we’ll tell you how to translate your WordPress posts, pages, tags, categories, and themes.

Babble-on can translate your WordPress Web site.

The benefits of making your website multilingual 

Nowadays, if we think about buying something, we immediately search the internet. We either do a brand-specific online search or go to the company’s website.

What do you suppose occurs when prospective clients visit a website they cannot understand because it is in a foreign language? Do they push themselves to use the website, or do they quickly give up and look for another website in their own language?

Creating your website in many languages has several benefits:

Reach a larger audience

When you adapt your website to local languages, you will attract new customers because 54 percent of consumers are more interested in information in their native language than in pricing.

Increase sales in more countries

You should expect an increase in revenue if you reach out to new audiences. Imagine how well your product or service might do abroad if it is profitable, at least in your home market. Your company can enjoy a piece of the $3.5 trillion in global online sales. This figure comes from 2019 by the 92 billion consumers who made purchases online.

Give your business a competitive edge

Many websites accessible to users do not have the material in more than one language. Your business will stand out as one that values its clients in different areas because it has a website in many languages. Additionally, customers will think of your company as a worldwide corporation, which gives you an advantage over competitors.

Now you are aware of the advantages of website translation. You may boost online traffic and strengthen your brand’s visibility globally.  

WordPress translation plugins

Before starting, you should know that WordPress supports over 180 locales. You may establish a WordPress website in any language straight away. So you may use this functionality rather than a translation plugin if you serve a single area. You can even choose to display your language on the WordPress admin panel.

With the help of the translation plugin, you may translate information on WordPress websites into 80 languages. Customers may choose their language from a dropdown box. Then material and information can be presented on your website. 

Translation plugins are helpful if you wish to build a multilingual website. You will be able to deliver the same information in many languages. As a result, you can show an English website in several languages depending on the user’s location. Or you can let the user select their preferred language.

You won’t need to set up a WordPress multisite or several subdomains if you use these plugins. Your website may become multilingual by combining the WordPress platform with a translation plugin.

You should be aware that there are two different categories of plugins:

  • You may use internet tools like Google Convert for automatic website translation or mobile app localization because the translations are machine-generated. The quality of the translation won’t be great.
  • Plugins for manual translation enable you to add information in many languages to your website. The users can then select a language from the ones you’ve provided. This approach requires more work, but the reward is that you have complete control over the translation quality. And you can guarantee an improved user experience and brand image.

All these plugins have the goal of increasing user engagement on your WordPress website. Once put into practice, you’ll be well on your way to reaching your audience, regardless of language.

WPML Plugin and Crowdin

A localized website gives you the ability to expand your target market. You need a plugin for the translation of WordPress sites. It allows you to add translations to your website to make a WordPress website multilingual. Crowdin developed a program that enables you to connect Crowdin with WPML (WordPress Multilingual). You can do it to make things simpler for you.

You start by creating content in your own language for each post or page. You then install WPML and link it to Crowdin to construct a multilingual website on WordPress. You may send WPML content to your Crowdin project for translation.,  

So, you can translate your WordPress website with the combination of WPML and Crowdin. The WPML plugin will assist you in adding translations and a language switcher to your website after it has been set up. The next step is to download the WMPL app from the Marketplace in your Crowdin or Crowdin Enterprise account and begin translating your website into many languages.

Translation process in Crowdin 

Crowdin is a localization software that can help you and your team localize the following content types: You may localize your content with Crowdin, a localization management tool. It includes localizing:

There is an opportunity to combine all your texts and translate them into one location. It is possible with the help of  Crowdin’s applications and integrations. Crowdin integrates with 200+ tools for localizing content stored in git repositories, CMSs, help centers, and marketing software.

You can invite translators and proofreaders. Then control their access rights, and create translation reports to track the status. Also, you can estimate translation expenses and identify the most active contributors as a manager.  Crowdin allows you to use your glossary, translation memory, and machine translations. It eliminates the need for you to translate the same or related texts.

With Crowdin, translators can access an online translation editor and the tools they need to produce higher-quality translations.

Hire Babble-on and make your website multilingual

Making your website multilingual might be difficult, especially if you have little to no expertise in the field. Babble-on is a team of expert software translators. Each translator has years of expertise, especially in applications and localization.  The crew works even on updates.

Babble-on provides relevant English writing services like app descriptions and press releases. Babble-on is also committed to translating and localizing iOS, Android, and Windows programs.

Babble-on concentrates on the demands of app developers as new software trends caused an explosion of mobile phone apps employing a variety of localization formats (.strings,.xml, and others).

Software translation requires specialized tools. Babble-on serves developers who care about their global customers. It focuses on applications, not Google Translate. Other businesses have many price/quality categories for localization. But, Babble-on offers one level: expert. With Crowdin and Babble-on you can localize Node.js, CakePHP and Django products. Even your English app description you can (re)write with their help. You may also use that practical pseudo localization and other resources to prepare your app for internationalization. 

You now understand how to translate your website into several languages to appeal to a larger audience with the help of Babble-on and Crowdin

Julia works as a content manager at Crowdin. It is a localization management platform that helps companies to translate their software. In addition to marketing, Julia enjoys beautiful architectural designs, medicine and fitness.

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