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Why pay a service that charges monthly fees to host your translations? Pay only $0.21 per word for projects 100 words or more. Volume discounts available.

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0 no monthly fees, unlimited projects & users
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    Why don't you offer different pricing tiers?

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    answer: Because there should be only one level of translation quality: BEST. Our translation team consists of 150+ mobile app experts. The same translators work on every update of your app for maximum quality and consistency. If a translator does not produce best-quality results, why would we trust them at any price?

    That's the only way to do localization right. And that's the only way we do it.

    Bullet point list you see on all pricing pages:
    • Available in every language of every App Store
    • Same translators work on every update
    • Send iOS and Android strings at the same time
    • Native software translators. Never outsourced.

    Get it right the first time!
    We've been localizing apps for over a decade. That's more than a lifetime in internet years, and more than most of our competitors combined.


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    Localization FAQ

    • What does localization include?

      The prices estimated above include: professional, native translators in each language, expert handling of your strings by an additional supervising translator, and proper formatting into native UTF files. Send us your app and we'll even make sure it looks right before you push the final release.

    • Which languages should I pick?

      The most popular languages are Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Dutch, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese. It depends on your target and your budget. Contact us for personalized advice.

    • How do I prepare my iPhone and iPad app for localization?

      We've put together an entire step-by-step tutorial to show you how to prepare your Xcode project for localization and extract the strings. Once you have followed it, you can upload your .strings file along with your app description and keywords using the widget on this page.

    • How do I pay this fantastic app localization service?

      Although we cherish thank-yous above all, our spouses demand that we accept payments in $US (or euros, British pounds, Hungarian forint, Australian, New Zealand or Singaporean dollars). After we've received your files (using the calculator widget above or by email), we'll send you a secure online invoice based on the exact word count of your source strings. You can pay with any of the usual: credit card or PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or e-check. For Chinese customers, we also accept Alipay and WeChat Pay.

    • Do you have a nonprofit rate?

      Yes, we will translate qualified apps for Bay Area nonprofits at cost. What does that mean? Our project manager will work for free, your translation hosting is free, and everything we can do for you as a company is free. The translations are still done by professional translators, who deserve to be paid for their work. However, they will charge you at discounted rates, a significant savings compared with our standard fees. The result is expert translation at nonprofit cost.

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    Why choose us?

    Unlike nearly every localization service out there, Babble-on is made up of a tight team of translators who collaborate on every project. There isn't an account manager or intern answering your emails, but a multilingual translator managing it from start to finish. The same team works on your projects and localization updates to ensure the highest quality and consistency.

    You slave over every pixel. We obsess over each accent mark.

    Ask any other localization company who will actually do your translation and you'll be amazed (and disappointed) that even they don't know. At Babble-on, we can give you names.

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