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Babble-on is an expert team of native translators and localization specialists.
We speak “developer-ese” in addition to dozens of comparatively less complicated foreign languages.

Get an exact price instantly

Upload your texts

We translate apps better than anyone

Effortless updates

Sync with Github, Bitbucket, or just send us the latest export of your strings a few days before you go live. We'll handle everything. You only pay for what's new and changed.

Any language

"Yes, we speak that." Add as many languages as you need, whenever you need. We translate every language of every App Store.

Fast answers

Ask us anything. We've been translating software since before they called them apps. We've even got helpful localization tutorials and iOS term glossaries.


We'll work directly with you about every last detail by email or phone. Forget about filing countless support tickets and getting only automated replies from “customer success“ bots. We integrate as part of your team.
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Native speakers

Unlike many services, each of our translators localizes apps only into their native language. The result is translations that sound completely natural. We even help with your English!

Mobile app experts

Our native team knows more local hand gestures than just pinch and swipe. We're known around the 'net for our iOS Localization Glossary..

Localize all platforms

At the same time.
At no extra charge.

Did you know that we never charge you twice for a duplicate line?

Not now, not years from now.

Send us your iOS, Android, Windows, and Web files at the same time and we can discount to $0 any exact duplicate lines.

That means we'll translate your app across all your platforms at a fraction of the price, as long as they use the same English texts.

We similarly charge you only once for that "Cancel" button you have 20 times.

Why pay again for something you've already translated?

Localized apps get featured in the App Store. Check out some of our favorite clients.

Pivotal Tracker Tinder Sky Guide for iPhone and iPad Living Earth Weather App Rock On - A SongPop Advent Shades puzzle gamet

Managed Translation ... or micro-managed

Most developers are happy to have us manage the whole translation process from start to finish. Others like a hands-on approach.

For those daring few, we'll give you access to our complete translation system. Participate by adding context & screenshots, answer translators' questions, and remove texts you don't want translated. You're also going to learn a whole lot about English grammar you never knew!

Localization Translator San Francisco
You can participate in the translation, too, adding context and removing strings you never meant to include.
Our localization tools make updates a snap! Just send your latest file and we'll instantly see what's new or changed. Pay only for what you need.
Our translators use in-house tools that preserve your code and tags unchanged.

Native code. Native translators.

We use specialized tools to support a large number of popular app localization formats. Rather than exporting your localization strings into an Excel document, send us the native code.

Updates are easy too — just send us your latest source strings and we see instantly what's new and changed.

And not to brag, but we can handle virtually any localization format

  • Android .xml
  • iOS/Mac .strings, .xliff
  • HTML
  • Plain Text .txt
  • CSV .csv
  • Windows 7 .resw, .resjson
  • Microsoft .NET .resx
  • BlackBerry .rrc
  • Java/Flex .properties
  • GNU GetText .po, .pot
  • Windows 8 .xliff, .xlf
  • RTF/Markdown .md, .rtf
  • MeeGo/Qt .ts
  • DKLang .dklang, .lng
  • XUL .dtd
  • JSON/Chrome .json
  • Ruby on Rails .yml, .yaml
  • Joomla .ini
  • Youtube Subtitles .sbv
  • SubRip .srt

Need more reasons to localize?

There's room to grow.

Prepare iOS apps for localization services

Localizing your app puts it in the big league, and adds a staggering new pool of potential customers. Go from indie dev to international software mogul.

More people will download your app.

iOS app localization service

90% of the apps in the Top 20 of each country's App Store are localized. Users overwhelmingly download apps in their own language.

Potential users are unlimited.

Integrate strings for iOS apps for localization service

China is #2 in app downloads after the US. French, German, and Spanish represent more speakers worldwide than English. The revenue potential is unlimited.

How will you choose an app translation service?

Your app localization questions answered Babble-on app localization Online/Gig app translations Traditional
Are the translators good? We're a tight team working together for years. We do random checks, just like at the airport. Yes, and we replace them periodically with lower-wage ones.
Who manages my project? Benjamin (at) An algorithm. A rotating menagerie of low-paid, overworked "coordinators"
Do you know what a Localizable.strings file is? "Yes" = "Sí, señor!"; Parse error. "Sí" = "Sí".
Are you obsessive about quality? Always. Depends how much you pay. We'll offer a discount on your next translation instead.
Personal one-on-one service? Email me right now. I dare you. Did you read our FAQ? It depends how long before your coordinator quits.
Fast answers? Lightning fast. Try me Did you read our FAQ? Our hours are 9am-5pm.
App Localization advice? Ask us anything. Did you read our FAQ? Let me get back to you.
Can I Add new app localization languages? We're always ready for more. Did you read our FAQ? We're ready to invoice!
Any app localization format? If it's got strings, we've got translations. Did you read our FAQ? Word OR Google Docs.

We've been doing this since 2004

So, yeah, we know more than any app localization service out there.

Here's what we've learned:

Code is not prose
— We understand localization formats and character limits.
— Our translators are trained to be concise.

Localization is iterative

— Software updates happen gradually, then suddenly.
— We've make it fast & easy to update translations.

People matter

— The same native translators work every time to keep consistency.
— You get the same dedicated project manager for every job.
How about you
You know that feeling when fresh bread 🍞 comes out of the oven?
That's how we feel about translating something new.
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