Localizing Your Help Center

(for WIX Answers and Zendesk Guide)

Help center content should be concise, simple, and informational. This is true not only in English but every language you translate into.
Updated May 11, 2021

Localization Q&A by Babble-on

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Translating your help desk, knowledge base, or FAQ saves you and your international users a lot of time.

Once you’ve localized your website or app, the next step is to make your support content available for your international users. Most content managements systems (CMS) offer a way to localize your knowledge base. This is certainly true of Zendesk and Wix Answers, and this guide will walk you through how to get your localization done.

Automating this process doesn’t require an engineer, but it does require a translation company.

At Babble-on, our focus is website and app localization, and our preferred translation tool is called Crowdin. Together, we can localize your Zendesk or Wix Answers help files easily without requiring your developers to get involved.

This page details a concise outline on setting up your help center content for Zendesk and Wix users. Other than having a help center with content to localize, the only thing you need is a Crowdin account with a project (we can provide one if you don't have your own). Texts from the help center will sync to Crowdin at an interval that you set, and the translations can be synced back to your Help Center automatically.

Zendesk Guide Help Center

The Zendesk ecosystem is complex, but the platform makes translating content flexible and easy. The translation takes place outside of Zendesk in a translation manager called Crowdin.com, and syncs back to Zendesk seamlessly.

Enable support for multiple languages in your Zendesk Guide Help Center

  1. In Zendesk Guide, go to Settings add new languages.

  2. When adding a new language, you will need to pick a name for the localized Help Center. This name can be the translated name of the Help Center.

  3. Finish by clicking Add language.

Note: The settings and process for enabling this have no effect on the language settings in Zendesk Support.


Integrating with Crowdin for translations

The second step is connect your project in Crowdin with Zendesk Guide. Zendesk recommends Crowdin for localizing your help center. This is done through the URL specific to your Help Center.

See: Zendesk Integration Guide From Crowdin
  1. In Crowdin, go to Project Settings and then the Integrations tab. Find the Zendesk Guide section.

  2. Enter the Help Center URL (example: https://support.mycompany.zendesk.com) and click Set Up Integration.

  3. Authorize the connection with Crowdin on Zendesk Guide.

  4. Back in Crowdin, click Settings for your Zendesk Guide to finish setup.

  5. Select a time interval for when translations should be pushed back to Zendesk, but more importantly, select which Categories to translate.


Important information:

  • For users to see a translated article, that article’s parent categories must also be available in that language.

  • Updating any source content in your Zendesk Help Center will automatically update the files in Crowdin and the process repeats.

  • Your Help Center has a different URL for each language:
    support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us for English
    support.zendesk.com/hc/fr for French

    The Help Center directs user to the language version that corresponds to their browser’s default language. If that user’s default language isn’t supported or an article doesn’t exist in their language, they’re redirected to the Help Center’s default language page.

Wix Answers Help Center

Translating Wix Answers content in the translation manager Crowdin is much less complicated and more translator-friendly than using the WIX Answers Content Editor. All it requires is some initial setup, and the rest takes care of itself.

See: Wix Integration Guide From Crowdin
  1. Prepare your Wix Answers Help Center by adding supported languages in Wix Answers settings.

  2. Generate the API key and API Secret key in Wix Answers Settings to connect with Crowdin.

  3. Now in Crowdin, establish the integration in the project settings using the help center URL and API keys.

  4. Then configure the integration by deciding the interval for the synchronization schedule and which categories to push automatcially to Wix Answers. The interval will set how often Crowdin pushes translations back to Wix Answers.

  5. Lastly, go to your Wix Answers Help Center Settings and toggle each language you want to display.


Tips and Important information:

  • When adding a new supported language, the help center template will be automatically localized, but you can always customize these manually after.

  • At first, each article you want for translation needs to be sent to Crowdin manually. After, any updates to those files will be pushed automatically.

  • You can specify languages for each article so you don't need to translate one page into all languages.

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