AI-assisted translation.

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Large projects benefit from AI speed with a human touch.

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AI savings depend on the amount of human editing necessary.

Pros and cons of AI

It’s a tool in your arsenal , not a miracle.

Context is king

Give us your glossaries. AI is a bookworm.

Unlike previous machine translations (think Google Translate) generative AI can be fed glossaries and translation memories, and even specific context instructions to make better language choices when translating. Want informal language limited to 100 characters for your Facebook ad? AI can deliver.


Need to translate 50,000? AI can speed delivery.

While bringing costs down gets the headlines, AI actual excels most in speed. Human translators can only deliver so many words in a day, but if you need an entire knowledge base translated now, AI can get you 80% there, with room to improve over time.

Uneven quality

Better for some languages than others. Human reviewers required.

AI is trained mostly on English and the Web’s most common languages. It’s accuracy in Finnish or even Japanese might be too low to make it viable as a turnkey solution. Expert evaluation and advice is key to deploying AI where it fits.

AI got you confused

It’s a new tool and it can do amazing things. But it can also cause big headaches if used incorrectly. We’ve implemented machine-translation solutions with human oversight for years, and we know exactly how to use this new generation of AI tools to make your job easier.

This is the easiest way to check the AI box.