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We never charge you for a duplicate line. Not now, not ever. Send us native platform localization files — or just a giant Excel file — and we can discount to $0 any exact duplicate lines. We only charge once for that "Game Over" text!

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Consultation & Overview

Reach out to us with the general information about your game localization needs. Which languages do you need? Or start fast with our developer portal for instant price quotes and pseudolocalization.


Exact Price Quote

Send us all your text: game strings, marketing content, game dialog scripts — everything you need. We'll help organize the content to save you money.

You'll always get a total cost for your project and timeline before paying anything.


Localization Begins

Once a payment is squared away, your dedicated project manager will assemble the team of linguists to work on localizing your game. At this point, send us a demo or download key to your game. This gives us context. We can also set up a Slack channel or connect your developers to our free translation tools and put you in direct contact with the translators.


Translation & Review

While translation is underway, your project manager will be in regular contact with you regarding issues in the source text, requesting additional context, and providing feedback on content that will affect international users. Expect plenty of questions in your inbox!

The better we work together on answering translators questions, the more successful the localization will be.



We'll deliver the localized versions of your game strings and other content in the same format you send us. We'll keep the project “open“ so you can submit any additional strings or request any changes. We know there are always last minute additions, and we're here for you!


QA Support

Translations are integrated so we're all done, right? If only that were true! It is always a good idea to run additional QA on the localized version of your game if it is a complex or lengthy project. We offer a free QA screenshot program for all our gaming clients. This step is optional, but recommended.

For big budget games, we can offer specialized QA testers to play the localized version of your game, checking for errors, translation consistency, and the overall experience at an additional cost.

What about Updates?

If you plan to support your game with future updates and DLC, you won't need to worry about navigating the localization setup again. We'll have the same team of linguists who are already familiar with your game work on every update. You can also sync your repo with us and we can continually update the game on an ongoing basis. What else? We can even help you out with reviews and support tickets you get in other languages.

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Increase your casual game downloads in international App Stores and see your revenue and player base grow worldwide.

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Sync with Send us the latest export of your game strings a few days before you go live. You only pay for what's new and changed.

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Game localization has a huge return on investment. Start with your app description and keywords. Target countries with existing game downloads for the best ROI.

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We translate games into every language of the App Store: Steam, iOS, Windows, Android.


We'll work directly with you about every last detail of your game. Our translators integrate as part of your team.

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Our translators are mobile game experts that will make your game read completely naturally. That's what it takes to sell your game internationally.

Localized apps get featured in the App Store. Check out some of our favorite clients.

Game localization FAQ

It depends on your target and your budget. There is no reason you can't start with 1 or 2 languages and add more once you see some success. This may even be a better approach if you plan to support your game with future content. Contact us for personalized advice. For reference, these languages will make your game accessible to the largest audience:

French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Turkish, Dutch.

We take advantage of Translation Memory which is a special file type that saves the translations for every line of text we work on. The translation memory is unique to your game and can be reused countless times to auto-translate repeat strings.

If it's saved in the TM, we've got it covered and it's free.

Translating unique terminology accurately and consistently is very important in video game localization. For every new game we work on, we create a Glossary where terminology – and its translations – are saved. Our translation tool then points these out to the linguists at every instance, and that ensure important terminology is translated consistently every time.

Before we start work on your game, we'll ask whether you already have a list of special terms for your game. If not, we'll make it as we translate!

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