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Two ways to translate your website.

“Simple” static sites

Websites that don't change often, or at all, are made up of basic HTML pages. These are easy to translate. You can paste a snippet of Javascript into your pages, similar to how you add Google Analytics to your website, to serve your web pages in any language we translate. Alternatively, you could send us the original HTML pages and we can translate those directly.

Web apps

Dynamic sites, like web apps, display different content to different users. An admin might see different text than a new customer, for example. These more complex websites are usually updated more often, and require some preparation to localize.

Your web developer will need to export the user-facing texts from the web app into any localization format they choose: .pot, .yaml, .properties, .json — just to name a few options. (We do them all, of course.) We'll also be available to translate updates to your website whenever you need.

Localize other sites, too

Help Centers

We can also help you translate your Knowledge Base or Help Desk for popular services like Zendesk, Wix Answers, and Freshdesk. We can import and export directly so management is easy and seamless. Translating your help center means fewer customer support inquiries, which can save you a lot of money!

WordPress Sites

WordPress sites and blogs can be translated easily. That's great news because 4 out of 10 sites on the Web are made in WordPress. Simply install the WPML plugin, and we can do the rest! We are experienced in handling Wordpress sites of any size, and you can choose to localize only some or all of your content. For large sites, consider translating articles or pages over time based on language or popularity of your content.

Localized web sites pay for themselves with new clients.

BWCU Kids SAINT (español USA/Mexico) Obsello (español de España) mCent into 10 languages Fontshop (français)

Why localize your website?

Let's talk numbers.


Website localization just into Spanish adds millions of people in the U.S. who can understand what you do, as well as over 300 million others around the world.

International markets.

iOS app localization service

For many businesses growth in Europe, Asia, and Latin America is quickly outpacing domestic sales.

Our localization tools make updates a snap! Just send your latest file and we'll instantly see what's new or changed. Pay only for what you need.
Website localization also means reworking your texts and message to attract your target audience.

Native speakers. Native advice.

In Brazil, do users pay by credit card or do they use local bank transfers? Would an American audience trust a merchant from China? Babble-on can help you answer these questions. We make sure people understand your products and services, and become loyal to your brand.

We translate over 60+ languages. Don't see it here? Just ask.

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