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Starting a large localization project or educating your company's teams about internationalization best practices is hard. We know!

Every company's situation is unique, and there is no “how-to” guide for choosing a language vendor. It's about trust. But take a moment to get to know our team, and see if we're the right fit.


Get trusted translators

We have native translators around the world for all the languages you’ll need — from English and into English. For other combinations, just ask.

Our translators are hand-picked veterans in the industry whom we've worked with for years. And we've been translating apps since 2004.

Our team becomes your team. The same translators will work on every one of your projects to ensure consistency and incorporate your feedback.


Make your job easier

A dedicated account manager to act as your single point of contact. No support tickets, no problems. Of course you can talk directly to translators too.

Take advantage of our free project management tool and automate your localization requests.

We have a solution for all of your content – software strings, marketing copy, or support material. As your translation needs grow, we expand to meet those goals.


Save the boss money

Leverage your existing translations and reduce the costs of future projects. Never pay for duplicate lines.

Pay per word, when you need it. Pay nothing when you don't. No setup or monthly fees.

A localization process customizable from your payment preferences to the workflow steps. Try out our complete service, or use specific translators on small projects first.

Select files, languages, and due dates

No mistakes happen when you choose the files and languages yourself. You can also do this at any time of day or night, in any time zone. Easy.

Customizable invoices

Pay for each job, whenever you need it with no monthly fees. Or, if you're making requests several times a week, take advantage of Monthly invoicing for a single, consolidated bill at the end of the calendar month.

Approve invoices, even from your phone

No waiting on emails or. Approve invoices right from your computer or phone and we'll pick up the request and send it to the right translators for speedy delivery

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Maybe you're not ready to start localizing. We have some free tools that can help you start:

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Firstly, we only work with native speakers who are veterans in the industry. We have between 150–200 active translators at a time to serve all the languages you need. Like other companies, we could have a database of thousands of translators from all the CVs we receive, but we've found that having the same team goes a long way toward quality, so we focus on giving a smaller number of translators a larger portion of the work. This makes them better at their job, and more available for last-minute and tough projects.

Not at all. Another important quality for our translators is that we make sure they’re open to feedback and show a willingness to improve. In translation, there is not always a "right" answer, and we tend to work with translators that know when to let the client decide what's best, and when to argue for a better term. If you're right, you're right! If you're wrong, we'll tell you, but ultimately it's your text and your choice.

Most clients pay per invoice, but companies with a higher volume of requests generally choose to pay a combined invoice at the end of the month. We'll work with your Accounting department. Besides US$, we can also accept direct payments in Euro or British pounds, as well as credit cards, PayPal, and even Chinese services like Alipay and WeChat Pay.

We have clients in Europe and Asia who we work with regularly. Typically, after the first month of working together and establishing a workflow, there is rarely a need for meetings or video calls. We respond to emails quickly and translation jobs are ongoing as translators work on them around the clock from whichever time zone they’re in. Even with the time zone difference, we can schedule video chats when necessary for meetings, although these aren't usually necessary after the first couple of projects.

Yes, we offer transcreation services and the pricing depends on the complexity, length, and the target language. We offer QA services such as functional review for integrated strings and translation revision. Review jobs are priced at $0.13/word and the translation must be done by a human.

We can sacrifice some quality for time to meet shorter deadlines, but only within reason. We strongly encourage you to keep educating your internal teams on localization best practices such as including the translation process into their timeline. We're happy to talk to them for you, too! In these situations, you can benefit further from our automated invoice system to request and approve your job right away so we can get started and return it quickly.

We have no monthly fees, management fees, setup fees or anything similar. We do have a minimum charge of $22/language per language for a new project. This is equivalent to 100 words, and the only reason we have it is to make things more efficient for your teams and ours. We don't want your engineers sending us 30 words now, then 20 words on hour later, and 15 more words in the evening. It saves all of us time on invoicing and emails. Note that if you need to add texts to an active translation job there is no minimum. And if you prefer continuous localization where we translate all new text in a project every day, we can set that up for you with your developers.

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