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At Babble-on, our job is to make Android localization easy.

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Localize my app

We’ll help you prepare your app in Android Studio, and guide you into a continuous localization strategy for your Android app that will gain you international users.

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Android localization

Android localization best practices

Continuous localization

Sync you Android Studio directly, or use Github, Bitbucket. We can make sure your app is fully localized when it goes live. You only pay for what's new.

Every Play Store language

Localize your Android app into a few languages. Keep adding languages as you see your international audience grow. We cover all of the Play Store languages.

Android localization answers

Ask us anything about Android localization. We've been translating Google apps since the T1. Our useful Android localization tutorials will help you get started.

Android strategy

Knowing which languages to translate your Android app into is half the battle. Ask us for personalized advice about your own Android app.

Don’t ask Google

Google Translate sure speaks many languages, but it's not good at any. Each of our translators localizes apps only into their native language. Your Android app will sound perfectly native.

Marketing, too

It's not just your Android app that needs localizing. It's your Play Store description and website. We can help with those translations too!


Android localization process

You code.
We translate.

Set up an Android localization strategy that works for you.

Most Android developers sync with our back-end translation platform — through Android Studio, Github, Azure, or Bitbucket to name a few ways.

Then, they give us the go-ahead 🚦 to translate their Android app when ready.

We call this continuous Android localization. That means we work on the texts as they come in and push the translations back to you continuously. Still others still prefer emailing Google Sheets by 📧 email.

It's totally up to you and your Android app.

Do I have to pay twice to translate my iOS and Android apps?

Not at all. If. No matter which Android localization strategy you choose, we keep track of your translation memory and create translation glossaries for each language. That lets us see what is new and changed — even between an iOS and Android apps.

Duplicate lines cost $0 — whether that is within your Android app or between it and an iOS or Windows app. We don't charge twice, not now, not years from now.

Localize your Android app across all platforms (and even iOS or Windows) at a fraction of the price!

Why pay again for something you've already translated?

Localize your Android app

Many developers like a hands-on approach to localization. Others are happy to have us manage the whole thing.

We openly give you access to our complete translation system. That means you can see the translators working. You can participate, add context or screenshots, answer translators’ questions, and hide strings you do not need translated.

Localization Translator San Francisco
Join in the translation fun. Add context and removing strings you never intended to include.
Our localization tools make updates a snap! Just send your latest file and we'll instantly see what's new or changed. Pay only for what you need.
We use localization tools that preserve your Android code and tags intact in your strings.xml files.

Native XML formats. Native Android translators.

We use specialized tools to support Android localization formats in Android Studio, including strings.xml files in the values folder. Send us the native Android localization formats!

App updates are just as simple — send us your latest source strings and we see instantly what’s new and changed.

How do you choose an Android app localization service?

Android app localization Q&A Babble-on app localization Online 1-hour translations Translation Agencies
Are the translators good? I'd say 17 years’ experience good. It's not like we give it to anyone, right? 😰 Sure, if not we'll give you a coupon for more.
Who manages my project? Benjamin (at) It sort of manages itself? We prefer low-paid, overworked "coordinators"
Do you know what a strings.xml file is? <string name="yes">¡Sí, señor!</string> Parse error. <string nombre="sí">Sí</string>
How do you judge language quality in Android apps? Let your users be the judge. We stand by our work. We provide arbitration for customer disputes. Isn't quality in the eye of the beholder?
How is your customer service? Email me right now. I dare you. We have a customer FAQ Hey, our project coordinator just quit! 🤦🏻‍♀️
Fast answers? Lightning fast. Try me We have a customer FAQ Our hours are 9am-5pm.
Android Localization advice? Ask us anything. We have a customer FAQ We would advise you to seek advice elsewhere.
Can I add new Android localization languages? Every language of the Play Store! We have a customer FAQ We're ready to invoice!

Localize your Android apps

Android developers trust our localization service.

Here's why:

Android localization is iterative

— Your Android Studio updates happen gradually, then suddenly.
— We make Android localization easy and continuous.
Code is not prose
— Android strings have strict character limits.
— Our translators are trained to be concise.

Humans matter

— Just because it's an Android localization doesn't mean it can be done by machine.
— We have the same dedicated Android localization team on every job.
How much does localization of Android apps cost

It's simply the number of words $0.22

No setup fees. No contracts. No monthly payments or other costs. Simple

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