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Localize my app

We’ll help you prepare your app in Xcode, and guide you into a continuous localization strategy for your iOS app that will gain you international users.

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iOS localization best practices

Continuous localization

Sync you Xcode strings to Github, Bitbucket and we can make sure your app is fully localized when it goes live. You only pay for what’s new.

Every App Store language

Start localizing iOS apps into a few languages. As you see the ROI, keep adding languages for your international audience. We cover all of the App Store languages.

iOS localization answers

Ask us anything about iOS localization. We’ve been translating iPhone apps since they were sideloaded applications from your Mac. We’ve even got helpful tutorials to get your app ready in Xcode.

Personalized strategy

Knowing which languages to translate your iOS app into is half the battle. Ask us for personalized advice about your own Apple app.

Don’t ask Siri

Apple’s assistant speaks many languages, but she’s not good at any. Each of our translators localizes apps only into their native language. Your iOS app will sound perfectly native.

Macs, too

There are few native Mac localization services out there, but we sure are. Though iOS gets the bulk of the localization love, we ❤️ Mac apps too, and would love to help yours find a global audience.

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Continuous iOS localization process

You code.
We translate.

We can set up your iOS localization strategy any way that works for you.

Most software developers sync with our back-end platform and give us the green light 🚦 when they’re ready. Others have us do continuous iOS localization. That means we work on the texts as they come in and push the translations back to you continuously. At the end of the month, we add up what we’ve translated and send you an invoice. Still others still prefer emailing Google Sheets or Excel docs by 📧 email. It’s totally up to you and your iOS app.

Do I have to translate my iPhone and iPad app separately?

Not at all. Apple has done a good job sharing assets for localization between your apps. No matter which iOS localization strategy you choose, we keep track of your translation memory and create translation glossaries for each language. That lets us see what is new and changed.

We never charge you twice for a duplicate line — whether that is within your iOS app or between your iPhone and iPad or Mac app. Not now, not years from now. That means we’ll translate your iOS app across all Apple’s platforms (and even Android or Windows) at a fraction of the price, as long as they use the same English texts. So go ahead! Create 20 "Download" buttons for the price of one!

Why pay again for something you’ve already translated?

Localized iOS apps

Yep, localized iOS apps get featured in the App Store. Check out some of our favorite clients.

Pivotal Tracker Tinder Sky Guide for iPhone and iPad Living Earth Weather App Rock On - A SongPop Advent Shades puzzle gamet

iPhone App Localization

Most developers are happy to have us manage the whole translation process from start to finish. Others like a hands-on approach.

For those daring few, we’ll give you access to our complete translation system. Participate by adding context & screenshots, answer translators’ questions, and remove texts you don’t want translated. You’re also going to learn a whole lot about English grammar you never knew!

Localization Translator San Francisco
You can participate in the translation, too, adding context and removing strings you never meant to include.
Our localization tools make updates a snap! Just send your latest file and we'll instantly see what's new or changed. Pay only for what you need.
Our translators use in-house tools that preserve your code and tags unchanged in your strings files.

Native Xcode formats. Native iOS translators.

We use specialized tools to support iOS localization formats in Xcode, including .strings, .xliff, and .stringsdict. We totally understand that XCLOC folder Xcode creates. Send us the native Xcode formats!

Updates are easy too — just send us your latest source strings and we see instantly what’s new and changed.

How do you choose an iOS app localization service?

iOS app localization Q&A Babble-on app localization Online 1-hour translations Translation Agencies
Are the translators good? I’d say 17 years’ experience good. It’s not like we give it to anyone, right? 😰 Sure, if not we’ll give you a coupon for more.
Who manages my project? Benjamin (at) It sort of manages itself? We prefer low-paid, overworked "coordinators"
Do you know what a Localizable.strings file is? "Yes" = "Sí, señor!"; Parse error. "Sí" = "Sí".
Are you obsessive about quality iOS apps? Like OCD obsessive. We’re obsessive about Adwords. Isn’t quality in the eye of the beholder?
How is your customer service? Email me right now. I dare you. We have a customer FAQ Hey, our project coordinator just quit! 🤦🏻‍♀️
Fast answers? Lightning fast. Try me We have a customer FAQ Our hours are 9am-5pm.
iOS Localization advice? Ask us anything. We have a customer FAQ What’s an Eye O’es?
Can I add new iOS localization languages? Every language of the App Store! We have a customer FAQ We’re ready to invoice!

We’ve been localizing iOS apps since 2008

We kinda know more than any iOS localization service out there.

Here’s what we’ve learned:

Code is not prose
— iOS app strings have character limits.
— We train our translators to be concise.

iOS localization is iterative

— Software updates on iOS happen gradually, then suddenly.
— We make iOS localization easy and out of your hair.

Translators matter

— Don’t believe it when you hear all iOS localization services use the same translators.
— We are the same dedicated team on every job.

How much does localization of iOS apps cost

It’s simply the number of words $0.22
No setup fees. No contracts. No monthly payments or other costs. Simple

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