In which I unveil the ancient secrets as to what a copywriter is and is not

“A copywriter is the butcher that makes your meat look like filet mignon.”

Copywriters are all reverse psychologists

When you hire a copywriter you may think that it is his or her job to amiably accept your project. Well, let’s be honest: you’ll be lucky if the copywriter looks you in the eye on your first encounter. All the best copywriters are masters of reverse psychology: “You shouldn’t hire me as your copywriter unless you have complete faith in my wizard-like abilities.” They do this because they have an inflated sense of ego and a deep-rooted fear of rejection. Most successful copywriters aren’t people you want to invite over for tea. (Bonus tip: if you are cornered by a copywriter at a cocktail party, spill your martini on his shirt and run away.)

There are so many copywriters out there, you should be able to find one you truly enjoy working with. Still, convincing the copywriter of your own worth is the first step in finding a great one. At the very least, you’ll both feel better about yourselves.


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Writers like it 3 ways

This is a great talk from SXSW from writers about writing:

15 Slides, Three Writers, Three Ways — One Hour.

Great perspectives that show you how each writer approaches the challenges of writing differently. A lot of this is stuff you may have heard but told before, but this format is truly a compelling way to leran. How do you confront the blank page? Walk away and come back is one way, but I prefer the idea of giving the article a title right away, even if it has nothing to do with the content and won’t make it into the final draft.

Best quote: “You guys sound like you don’t even like writing.”