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Tweeting is not required in order to receive the discount! That would not be a nice, and if anything, we're the nicest localization company on the interwebs!


Any language $0.21 per word
Only $0.19 for your first project!

We never charge for duplicate lines

  • Available in every language of every App Store

  • Send native localization formats or plain text

  • Native software translators. Never outsourced.
  • Only 1 level of translation quality — Expert

  • Upload app descriptions and keywords too!

Need fast answers?

We've typed out answers to everything we've ever been asked. Give it a try:

App Localization & Writing FAQ

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The not-so-fine print.

What do I have to do?
Sign up for our free developer portal by December 31, 2014. Then, mention this promo when you request your first localization. You must send us your strings and pay for the project by March 1, 2015. That gives you an extra 3 months to get your project ready for localization!

This discount is for new clients only, but existing clients should contact us to see what stocking-stuffers we can offer. ;)

Sign up for the dev portal

It's free and gives you as many pseudolocalizations as you could ever want!

What's the dev portal do?


The more we know...

Our translations are better than most because we make a lot more effort to answer translators' questions and give the proper context or screenshots in-line as they work.

Localization Translator San Francisco

If you don't send us context (shame on you!) we do our best to fill in these blanks for you.


The right tools for the job

Our translators use in-house tools that preserve your code and tags unchanged.

Localization Translator San Francisco

Updates are easy too — just send us your latest source strings and we'll take care of the rest!

Common questions

Which languages should I choose?
The most popular 10 localization languages are Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Russian, and Dutch. It depends on your target and your budget, and especially who is already downloading your app. Check iTunes Connect and select languages based on countries where you are already popular. Those are the best markets for you to start with.

How long will it take to localize my app?
It depends on the number of words in the app, not the number of languages. (We assign each language to a native, professional app translator from our team, and all translators will work on your localization simultaneously.) Generally, an app of 500 words will take just 3 business days. 5,000 words will take a couple of weeks. We're much faster than your QA period, so that's a good time to begin when all your strings and error messages are finalized.

What about my app description?
Yes, send that too! It counts for the promo. And don't forget your KEYWORDS. You'll need those to be localized for discovery in the App Store.

What about updates to my app?
We handle those too, and it's a snap! Just send us the latest, complete English strings. You'll be charged only for what's new and changed. We never charge for duplicate lines.

What about my Android app?
The discount is valid for all types of apps. Did we mention we don't charge for duplicate lines? If your Android and iOS app share a lot of identical strings, it shouldn't cost much at all! Promo is good for one project, which we define as all the translations completed on a single invoice.

What about my Windows app?
Really? You are a unique Six Colors reader! Yes, we localize anything with strings, including websites, Windows, Java, even Symbian. Just let me dust off the ol’ typewriter and we'll post your invoice within the fortnight!