How it works — Over-the-air localizations

Sometimes you can't wait for the App Store to review your app just to make a few language updates. Working with Babble-on and this framework by Crowdin allows for instant localization updates of your Android or iOS app.


step 1


Sync your app with us
step 2

We localize your texts
step 3

Goes right to your app!


step 1

Download the SDK

Update translations on Android and iOS apps without recompiling. Frameworks are lightweight and mostly invisible, and take advantage of the excellent back-end translation management platform we use called Crowdin.

Click for instructions and to download:

How are translations distributed?

You can set up as many distributions as you need. A distribution is essentially a Content Delivery Network (CDN) vault that mirrors the translated content of your project. Think of it as a draft of your app’s translated content waiting to be sent out, whenever you're ready.

step 2
Automatic Screenshots

Context is everything, and the best context is always a screenshot. It's hard to translate an app correctly if we can't see how the text is used, right? Screenshots used to be time-consuming to collect and tag. Now, after installing the SDK, you can simply tap through your app and snap screenshots that will be linked directly to the text-to-translate. It couldn't be easier!

Real-time Preview

This feature allows translators, project managers and other contributors to see translations in the application as we work. It's also a great way to verify the translations before release. While translators work, they see snapshots of how the UI changes in real time as they enter in translations. No more cut-off translations or mistaken context!



step 3 Earn downloads from all over the world

We also have an awesome developer portal where you can download your latest translations, keep track of your costs, and manage updates. While we're always available to answer your questions, we've also made it easy to get instant estimates and create pseudolocalization files for testing purposes. And what about those translated texts that don't fit in your UI? We've got a way for you to send us those screenshots to troubleshoot and abbreviate those final strings.



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