Crowdsourced Translation Management

Meet the Crowd Control for managing your localization project

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Crowdsourcing Management

Sometimes the crowd needs a little help from the pros.

Let a professional translator manage your crowdsource project. No matter how many languages you need, you'll benefit from a single point of contact to manage the entire process. Bring in professional translators to finish the job when necessary.

Crowdsourcing Translation Works— IF

  • International Users. Crowdsourcing translations works best when you have an active international user base.
  • Professional Support. Expert translators manage your crowdsourced translation to make sure it is right.
  • Rewards. We'll help you devise rewards for top crowdsourced translators.



Native code. Native translators.

We use specialized tools to manage crowdsourced translators and support a large number of popular app localization formats. Rather than exporting your localization strings into an Excel document, send us the native code.

  • Android .xml
  • iOS/Mac .strings
  • HTML
  • Plain Text .txt
  • CSV .csv
  • Windows 7 .resw, .resjson
  • Microsoft .NET .resx
  • BlackBerry .rrc
  • Java/Flex .properties
  • GNU GetText .po, .pot
  • Windows 8 .xliff, .xlf
  • RTF/Markdown .md, .rtf
  • MeeGo/Qt .ts
  • DKLang .dklang, .lng
  • XUL .dtd
  • JSON/Chrome .json
  • Ruby on Rails .yml, .yaml
  • Joomla .ini
  • Youtube Subtitles .sbv
  • SubRip .srt
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