Crowdsourced Translation Management

sometimes the crowd needs some help

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Meet the Crowd Control for managing your localization project

Let a professional translator manage your crowdsource project.
No matter how many languages you need, you'll benefit from a single point of contact to manage the entire process.
Bring in professional translators to finish the job when necessary.

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Crowdsourcing Translation
Best Practices and Tips

Crowdsourcing Translation Works…

If you have:

  • International Users.

    Crowdsourcing translations works best when you have an active international user base.

  • Professional Support.

    Expert translators manage your crowdsourced translation to make sure it is right.

  • Rewards & Recognition.

    We'll help you devise rewards and badges for top crowdsourced translators.

Why choose Babble-on to manage your crowdsourcing?

  • Experienced crowdsourced managers
  • Native, certified translators only
  • Simple pricing
  • Help adding context and screenshots
  • Coding advice to improve translations
  • QA assistance
  • Glossary and Translation Memory Management

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Our favorite crowdsourcing platform is Crowdin

We've used all the translation management platforms out there but the one we choose for our own backend is Crowdin. Luckily, it also includes the most sophisticated crowdsourcing tools available, so we can manage your crowdsourcers right alongside our professional translation team. You get the best of both worlds. Best of all, if you hire us to manage your translation, you won't have to pay any monthly fees.

We'll help you choose if Crowdsourcing is right for your app.

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Our localization tools make updates a snap! Just send your latest file and we'll instantly see what's new or changed. Pay only for what you need.
Our translators use in-house tools that preserve your code and tags unchanged.

Native code. Native translators.

We use specialized tools to support a large number of popular app localization formats. Rather than exporting your localization strings into an Excel document, send us the native code.

Updates are easy too — just send us your latest source strings and we see instantly what's new and changed.

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