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The easiest way to localize your apps with quality translations by expert native translators.


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Sync your texts
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We localize your app
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Users rejoice


This is the part we're particularly great at

Read on to find out why


step 1

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    Uploading CSV or Excel?

    What about updates?

    Updates are a snap! If you're syncing a repo, we can invoice you monthly for any translations you have us do. Otherwise, simply send us your latest, COMPLETE English strings and we can instantly see what's new and changed. You are charged only for what we need to do. Never pay for duplicates!

    Give us some texts to localize

    We can work with any native localization format, csv, or plain text. We'll give you an instant price quote online and have you create a login for our developer portal. We offer personal advice and can handle App Store screenshots, keywords, websites, ads, and anything else you've got. We've been doing this for more than a decade after all!

    Github & Bitbucket integration

    Although you can email files to your personal translation manager any time, or upload them through or neat web interface, we highly recommend continuous localization (CI) by syncing a Github or Bitbucket branch. We'll create an additional service branch with translations. We won't commit directly to master, so you can always verify the translations before integrating live with your app.



    step 2

    We localize (and a whole lot more)

    We assign an expert, native app translator for each language you choose. Every future app update will be translated by that same translator to keep the language consistent. A second translator — a multilingual, native English-speaker — manages the project, answers all the translators' questions, tags your text to screenshots, and consults you about missing context, variables, and other developer issues. We will even review QA screenshots of your localized app for free!

    Wondering how we do it?


    It's all in the context

    Our translations are better than most because we make a lot more effort to give the translators proper context. That comes from YOUR in-line comments, as well as screenshots you supply us.

    Localization Translator San Francisco

    If you don't send us context (shame on you!) we do our best to fill in these blanks for you, downloading the app, and finding those difficult strings. When we can't, we compile all the outstanding questions and send you an e-mail. This kind of work takes effort and time, but the results are far better than anything else out there.


    The right tools for the job

    We use specialized tools to parse your text into something familiar and recognizable for our translators. It doesn't matter if you send us iOS or Android strings, even pure HTML — it will always look the same to the translators.

    Localization Translator San Francisco

    Our translators use in-house tools that preserve your code and tags unchanged.
    Updates are easy too — just send us your latest source strings and we'll take care of the rest!



    step 3 Earn downloads from all over the world

    We have an awesome developer portal where you can download your latest translations (or sync with Github/Bitbucket), keep track of your costs, and request updates. While we're always available to answer your questions, we've also made it easy to get instant estimates and create pseudolocalization files for testing purposes. And what about those translated texts that don't fit in your UI? We've got a way for you to send us screenshots to troubleshoot and abbreviate those final strings.




    How will you choose an app translation service?

    Your app localization questions answered Babble-on app localization factory ("cloud") app translations Traditional
    Are the translators good? We're a tight team working together for years. We do random checks, just like at the airport. Yes, and we replace them periodically with lower-wage ones.
    Who manages my project? Benjamin (at) An algorithm. A rotating menagerie of low-paid, overworked "coordinators"
    Do you use a smartphone? For work and play. We see money! BlackBerry FTW!
    Do you know what a Localizable.strings file is? "Yes" = "Sí, señor!"; Parse error. "Sí" = "Sí".
    Are you obsessive about quality? Always. Depends how much you pay. We'll offer a discount on your next translation instead.
    Personal one-on-one service? Email me right now. I dare you. How about one-on-zero? It depends how long before your coordinator quits.
    Fast answers? Lightning fast. Did you read our FAQ? Our hours are 9am-5pm.
    App Localization advice? Ask us anything. Did you read our FAQ? Let me get back to you.
    Can I Add new app localization languages? We're always ready for more. Did you read our FAQ? We're ready to invoice!
    Any app localization format? If it's got strings, we've got translations. Did you read our FAQ? Word OR WordPerfect.


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