Copywriting & App Marketing

When you are too close to something, it is often more difficult to get the message right.

You could be your own copywriter.

Of course, you could also carve an ice sculpture or design a website from scratch.

But you know that isn't the easiest or the best way. Copywriting for your mobile app launch is best left to the pros.

Professional Press Releases

just $229

Press releases always included:

  • Professional writing
  • Revisions until you're happy
  • Query email for journalists
  • Honest advice

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Everything you need for your mobile app launch.

How it works.

Start by sending us everything you can think of: demo videos, app description, key features and highlights, and especially the 'behind-the-scenes' info. We can help you get your message and website right.

Whether or not you request our help in pushing your app description to the next level, here are the fundamentals we keep in mind every time.
  • Why'd you make this app in the first place?
  • What makes it better than other apps out there?
  • Who's it for?
  • What is the coolest feature?

App Store descriptions

just $99

App Description Key Features:

  • Improve your existing description
  • Teach users to use your app
  • Earn more downloads
  • Reduce bad reviews

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Copy doesn't write itself.

bay area copywriter

Hiring a San Francisco copywriter is a good idea. Effective writing has style and nuance. It connects you with your readers and makes them fall in love with you. Whether you require copywriting for print or electronic media, I tailor your text to the specific audience you are trying to reach.

No one reads bad writing.

sf bay area copywriter

Today's readers expect clever and personable copywriting to the point where they won't read anything else. Give your audience what they want or they'll quickly stop reading. It's as simple as that. A professional copywriter is as essential as a brilliant designer.

Choose amazing writing.

Benjamin zadik san francisco copywriter

Hiring a professional copywriter means putting your words in someone else's hands. Ask questions and ensure that you're getting the best. Click on a category below to view to find out exactly what we mean.

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