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Easy Online Vacation Bookings for Costa Rica Arrive At Last Thanks to

San Jose, Costa Rica — April 18, 2007 — The newly launched has at last brought the convenience of online booking to Costa Rica’s disparate hotel, transportation, and tour services. The comprehensiveness of the site means that a tourist in Seattle can book a custom Costa Rican vacation—hotels, car rental, tours, and in-country flights—as easily as booking a flight on US travel websites like Expedia and Travelocity.

The true benefit, however, is that Anywhere Costa Rica’s local, multilingual customer service works to answer customer questions (“Where do I go to see a quetzal?”) and irons out any problems that might arise, making it easier for tourists to plan their vacation—whether they speak English, Spanish, German, or French. Customers can build a custom package themselves in real time and save money because, unlike with competing travel packages, there is no markup.

“Anywhere Costa Rica has modernized the sales structure for Costa Rica as a whole,” says Minor Castro Murillo of the popular Arenal Springs Resort. “They’ve created an ideal Internet service experience for every type of tourist.”

Until now, travelers trying to contact hotels and tour operators directly often faced time zone and language barriers, as well as long delays with e-mail, as most small tourism operators check it only sporadically.

Anywhere Costa Rica has also been proactive in bringing smaller Costa Rican tourism providers into the Internet age.

“When this business started years ago, all communications were handled by fax and phone,” says the company’s chief engineer Tony Landis. “We’ve been nudging providers into the digital age, and at any given moment we have half our staff handling provider communications.”

The site provides extensive photos and in-depth travel articles on every region in Costa Rica, each of the country’s national parks and reserves, as well as wildlife views and nearby destinations and lodging. “Vast areas of the site are devoted to the natural, social, and political story that is Costa Rica,” says company president Zach Smith. “Our primary objective is to enrich the travel experience by providing visitors with quality educational information.”

Often called the jewel of Central America, Costa Rica attracts over one million tourists each year. It was recently rated as the world’s second most exotic destination, heralded for its natural beauty, varied terrain, ecotourism and adventure travel.

Anywhere Costa Rica S.A. consists of a team of 18 headquartered in Monteverde, and is one of the largest and most rapidly expanding travel agencies in Costa Rica. The launch of represents more than one year of photography, design and research of its comprehensive articles and booking system.

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