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What is SEO Copywriting?

Search-engine optimization (SEO) helps improve your site's relevance in the eyes of search engines like Google, Microsoft's Bing, or Yahoo. It requires the repetition of keyword phrases (the relevant subjects you expect your customers will search for), but it also requires a certain style. Search engines label sites as SPAM if they commit "keyword stuffing"—senselessly repeating keywords for the sole purpose of search engine robots. They similarly note repetition of the same content on multiple pages.

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You could be your own copywriter.

Of course, you could also carve a sculpture or design a website from scratch—but you know that isn't the easiest or the best way. When you are too close to something, it is often more difficult to get the message right.


Articles, blogs and SEO copywriting

Magazine Articles and Travel Writing

Travel and Magazine WritingAs much for pleasure as to oblige clients and colleagues, I write original articles that are published both in print and online. These topics range from travel stories—where to eat, sleep and have the best cup of tea in San Francisco—to technical articles about emerging technologies and making the best use of the Web as a translator.

These days, companies ask me to write as much for search engine optimization (SEO) as I do for people. To succeed with SEO copywriting, you need a genuine article that is unique (not a copy from Wikipedia or other source), which utilizes your keywords several times. At the same time, you can't forget that these web pages are ultimately meant to be read by human beings.

A well-written SEO article can be read by your customers without even realizing that the content has been optimized for a search-engine.

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Sure, I'll write for your blog


One of the most popular requests I get is to add color and style to blog writing. Blogs have become popular because they increase the number of hits you receive from search engines like Google, and succeed in keeping customers coming back to your website for more. They are a great place to say everything you don't have room to write on your home page. In some cases, a client will contract me to produce content for a blog, either delivering a list of topics, or asking me to research relevant articles. More often, however, it is clear that you are the expert in your field and just need a bit of help putting your ideas to paper. In these cases, I'm happy to edit and rework your blog articles as you write them to improve their style, readability and give them that extra emoticon :-) that makes readers come back for more.


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Like lassoing in just the right unicorn, finding a brilliant copywriter in San Francisco requires sweat and tears, as well as a professional-grade lasso. You have to love your copywriter, not like your significant other, but with unbridled affection and trust. You have to read everything the copywriter writes, and love that too. If you don't love something on first blush, you must squint your eyes and beat your chest until the writing seems at once somehow both light-hearted and profound. Headlines must make you laugh, excerpts must cause you to weep uncontrollably, like a babe in his arms, but all of it—all of it, without fail—must make you read until the very end. And when that happens, you know you've found your copywriter.


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