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Say What You Do Says Goodbye to Confusing Policies and Procedures Manuals

New York, NY — April 15, 2007 — Schaser-Vartan Books’ new release, Say What You Do, spells out in layman’s terms the often bewildering differences between policies, procedures and standards—topics that have historically been written about in industry jargon. What sets the book apart is its candidly practical approach, focusing on creating policies that really work rather than pushing theories that break down in the real world.

“Armed with this book, you should be able to lead a policy development project at your company from the ground up and from the top down without losing your mind,” says co-author and attorney Marcelo Halpern.

Say What You Do is heralded as the definitive guide to process documentation for IT professionals, walking readers through each step they need to write, edit, and present policies, standards, and procedures at their own organization.

“This is one of the most practical, easy-to-read books on creating a control framework, policies, standards, and procedures that I’ve read,” says Dan Swanson, internal audit veteran and CEO of Swanson and Associates. “It lets me clear out a whole shelf of old books on policy and procedures in one fell swoop.”

“It never sinks into legalese or technobabble as so many other books about IT policies do,” says Rebecca Herold, co-author and one of the Net’s top bloggers on security and compliance issues. “It’s incredibly easy to read and reference.”

The book synthesizes the varied experiences and approaches of its three authors: Dorian Cougias, Marcelo Halpern, and Rebecca Herold. Together they represent the most current and applicable legal, privacy, and IT security perspectives on process documentation, surpassing previous books in the field that addressed only one.

Say What You Do: Building a framework of IT controls, policies, standards, and procedures is available in bookstores and for download directly from the website is the second volume in Schaser-Vartan’s new Unified Compliance Framework series. The first volume, The Language of Compliance, also coauthored by Dorian Cougias and Marcelo Halpern, is in its second addition (v1.1) and is featured in Forbes’ technical book list.

Dorian J. Cougias is the founder and CEO of Network Frontiers, a company that focuses on regulatory compliance, and IT infrastructure. He has authored hundreds of articles and dozens of books, including 2003’s award-winning The Backup Book.

Marcelo Halpern is a partner with the global law firm of Latham & Watkins LLP, and one of the most respected legal minds regarding global technology issues. He routinely advises global Fortune 100 companies, emerging growth companies, and domestic and foreign governments.

Rebecca Herold has over 16 years’ experience consulting organizations worldwide in information privacy, security and compliance. She is the author and co-author of dozens of books and over one hundred published articles on privacy and security issues.

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