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Hello Tom,

Sales Letter CopywriterGreen computing has been in the news all year, but most businesses don’t know what to make of the trend. We all want to help the environment and the company’s bottom line — and the truth is that green computing can do just that. HelpDesk Inc. can help you save money and energy with the most practical green IT solutions: data center optimization, desktop power management and server virtualization. In this brief email, let’s talk about virtualization, which has received the most attention.

    What is virtualization?
    Virtualization is a way of running multiple “virtual” operating systems on just a single computer. In other words, it allows you to consolidate and reduce the amount of hardware you need. The advantages are obvious: save space and maximize your hardware investment while reducing your maintenance costs. And, of course, running virtual operating systems on less hardware will also save significantly on energy bills.

    Is virtualization the answer for all my computers?
    No, not at all. Virtualization is primarily aimed at saving you money and maintenance on your server infrastructure or data center. It is the perfect solution for applications that reside remotely, and for server clusters already in use, or which you are considering expanding.

    So how do I know if virtualization can help my company?
    The simplest answer is to call HelpDesk. We’re experts at the leading virtualization solutions from industry leaders like VMWare and Microsoft. We’ll discuss your options and explain the right choice to meet your cost-saving goals. For many businesses, there is a lot of money in going green. It’s likely to be one of the most profitable discussions you’ll have this year!

Want to go green before the holiday rush? Just email me or call our office to set up an appointment.

Warm regards,

John Cunningham
Business Development Management