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Radio Writing Sample

This radio commericial was professionally written by:SEO Writer
Radio Copywriter:60 spot for Coorstek appeared on San Francisco Bay Area radio stations.

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Original transcript of this radio commercial:
(sound clip edited for time)

Rodeo sounds: horses running, yell, cowboy falling, crowd yelling. Crowd noises subside to background and fade out during beginning of conversation.

Young boy (8 — 10 years old) talking in excited, hopeful tone, but grows impatient by the end. Father (40’s) is equally if not more excited, and a bit pedantic and sarcastic in tone.

Boy: Dad, when I grow up I want to be a Cowboy.

Dad: Sure, Timmy, you’d make a great Coorsboy.

Boy: No, dad, I said I want to be a cowboy, in the rodeo.

Dad: That’s great, Timmy. By working at CoorsTek, an international leader in manufacturing solutions committed to advanced technology, you’re certain to have a bright future in that rodeo we call employment opportunity.

Boy: Dad–

Dad: CoorsTek has employment opportunities in Livermore, Fremont and Newark so you’ll be staying close to the ranch no matter where you’re from. And because CoorsTek is an equal opportunity employer, you can become a Coorsboy no matter who you are.

Boy: Dad: listen. I’m saying that I want to get in that ring and take on that bull.

Dad: (Chuckle) Easy, Timmy. When you become a Coorsboy you’ll be sure to "take the bull by the horns" working as a CNC Machinist, Project Manager, Planner, Process Engineer, Cost Accountant, or in any number of other areas.

Boy: How can I get through to you, dad?

Dad: That’s easy, son. Just visit online and find out more.

Boy: What are you–

Dad: That’s www dot C-O-O-R-S-T-E-K dot com. Or you can call CoorsTek’s Amazing Career Solutions hotline at 925-371-3645, that’s 925-371-3645.

Boy: Dad, you’re amazing.

Dad: That’s right, son. CoorsTek: Simply amazing.