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How to Write a Press Release

  • Highlight the message.
  • A concise and powerful opening is the key.

  • Make it unique.
  • Only by showing creativity and professionalism can we expect distribution in the press.

  • It’s about the audience.
  • Journalists and media outlets use press releases as the basis of news stories. Neither will accept what amounts to a ‘sales pitch.’
  • Tell a story.
  • How did it all happen? By explaining the need behind your business and how you created a solution, we’ll interest the media to tell your story.

  • Just the facts.
  • Exclamation points and hyperbole are quickly ignored and shunned. Honesty and genuine innovation are truly prized.

  • Let’s talk about you.
  • We’ll end every press release with a short summary of your company, its services, and noteworthy accomplishments.

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You could be your own copywriter.

Of course, you could also carve a sculpture or design a website from scratch—but you know that isn't the easiest or the best way. When you are too close to something, it is often more difficult to get the message right.

Press release by a professional copywriter

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Shouting won't get you anywhere

With today's media-savvy journalists you need a concise, honest, and interesting press release about your company's unique innovations.

Press releases have two very different components: writing and distribution. As an experienced writer and editor, I quickly grasp your company's unique style and accomplishments. That allows me to craft a press release that gets the media's attention and portrays your business in the proper light.

How it works.

I start by speaking with you by phone/email to understand your company and discuss what you need to accomplish with this press release. Next I explore any written material you can send me on the subject, including your website and quotes from staff or customers. I'll draft the release for your approval in just 24 hours. We'll continue honing the text until it sounds just right.

What it costs.

I charge a flat fee of $199 for writing a single press release, including free distribution to the Associated Press. I want your press release to be read widely and appreciated by journalists and other influencers who will spread the word about your company. As an added service, I'll help you distribute or translate your press release through PRWeb or other outlets for an additional cost. Depending on your target market, these press release distributors charge between $100–800.


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Mandi — New software service Say What You Do — Book launch press release iKamasutra — Kama Sutra Day Anywhere Costa Rica — Travel agency press release GoStats — Joint promotion press release


A press release is a great way to let everyone know about what's new at your business.


Distribution and Translation

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You can distribute the press release yourself, or I can help you work with a number of trusted media distribution outlets, including: PRWeb, PR Newswire, and Business Wire. Your choice will depend primarily on whether you are targeting sites online (including SEO), or uptake by traditional newspaper and television outlets. In either case, I'll give you professional advice to make the process as easy as possible. As a professional translator, I will also help you get your message across in as many languages as your audience speaks.

About Babble-on

Founded in 2004, I created Babble-on Writing & Translations to provide high-quality language services to everyone. Many businesses are left with two unsatisfactory options—cheap, low-quality writers for hire or big businesses that charge by the second. Babble-on hits the "sweet spot" with the absolute highest quality writing at up front and reasonable costs. It's a one-stop-shop to write, translate, and distribute your press release fast.


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