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Sometimes the crowd needs a little help from the pros.

We are native, professional translators that work exclusively in Crowdin.

usd 0.22/word

0.20 per word

  • 0 professional translation — any language
  • 0 proofread $0.13/word existing translations
  • 0 final QA check of localized screenshots
  • Prices on this page are discounted and valid only for your hosted Crowdin projects.
Proofreading rate is not available for machine or "pre-translated" translations, which need to be redone completely.\

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Hey, why do you charge more than other vendors on Crowdin?


This is what it costs to get it right the first time.

Most vendors on Crowdin assign your project to anyone available to work immediately. These anonymous translators often don't even have their own user name in Crowdin. They'll be plenty of mistakes, and if you catch them yourself, they might even fix them! If you're internationalizing without really wanting to, maybe this cheaper option is good enough.

The price we charge is what good translators charge us, and we employ only the best translators. Instead of hiring us to redo all of the translations you get from a cheaper vendor, hire us the first time and save money and peace of mind.

Why Babble-on?

We know Crowdin

best translation service vendor on crowdin

We've used all the translation management platforms out there ourselves, but the one we choose for our own backend is Crowdin. That's how much we love it.

As experts in Crowdin, we can help you where others can't. That means saving you money by tweaking your account settings and making sure you never pay for translations you don't need. We know this system inside and out, and so do our translators.

Invite us to manage your existing project, or send us your files and we'll set it up for you (and take care of the monthly fees at no cost to you).

We make invoicing easy

crowdin translation vendors

Our service is built on the Crowdin platform, allowing you to select EXACTLY the files and languages you want instantly. No mistakes, no miscommunication.

See the exact price instantly, and pay securely online so we can begin right away!

We offer continuous localization and monthly invoicing to make your life simple.

So are we the right vendor for you in Crowdin?

We are the right translation team for you if you expect translations done right the first time, and if you want expert help from start to finish (and after). We assign the same translator to your project foreverevery update remains consistent and correct with the same translator working. We have a dedicated English-native project manager, who is also a translator, assigning the right people and overseeing everything. When you're done, we have you upload QA screenshots for our team to double-check at no added cost.

  • Specialized in iOS, Android, Mac, Windows

  • Coding advice to improve translations

  • Experienced with Crowdin since it began

  • Translated right, the first time

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Crowdin localization tools are our favorite translation editors

Native code. Native translators.

We use Crowdin's excellent tools to manage our own translators and support a large number of popular app localization formats. Rather than exporting your localization strings into an Excel document, send us the native code.

  • Android .xml
  • iOS/Mac .strings, .xliff
  • HTML
  • Plain Text .txt
  • CSV .csv
  • Windows 7 .resw, .resjson
  • Microsoft .NET .resx
  • BlackBerry .rrc
  • Java/Flex .properties
  • GNU GetText .po, .pot
  • Windows .xliff, .xlf
  • RTF/Markdown .md, .rtf
  • MeeGo/Qt .ts
  • DKLang .dklang, .lng
  • XUL .dtd
  • JSON/Chrome .json
  • Ruby on Rails .yml, .yaml
  • Joomla .ini
  • Youtube Subtitles .sbv
  • SubRip .srt

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