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If you’re planning on attracting prospective employers, your résumé has got to be letter perfect. Perhaps more importantly, your cover letter has to be clean, brief and stand out. Many candidates make the most common errors.

Always avoid: Typos or grammatical errors, including too much or too little information, not explaining pertinent skills or achievements, and confusing layout and design.

As an experienced writer and editor, language is my passion. We’ll start by:

  • Making sure I know exactly the kind of career you’re looking for
  • We'll review and your qualifications. I'll study your current résumé (if you have one) and extract what we can use for your new résumé
  • We'll speak by phone or communicate by e-mail until I have a firm handle on your skills and desired position.

After that, I’ll work my magic!

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Cover letter example Résumé editing example
Resume Editing Example by Benjamin Zadik

Writing a cover letter is an advanced skill that many job hunters lack. The following shows an example of a completely rewritten cover letter. Notice the brevity, the directness, and the confidence a well-written cover letter exudes. This is exactly what employers are looking for.

Dear Ms. Phillips:

My name is Jane Doe, and I think I would be an ideal candidate for your PR/Marketing position. Public Relations have been a part of all the work I have done in various fields during my career. Working at MCI, for example, I helped my team succeed with a national television campaign. You can see my full résumé online here:

But beyond résumé experience, I have unique skills that will be a real asset to you. Building relationships is part of my personality: I can't help but introduce myself to whomever I run into and learn more about him or her, as well as introduce them to my passions. My experience has taught me that I can create an instant connection with anyone, from any background. In part, this is because of my extensive international and language experience. I am fluent in Chinese, English, German and some Japanese.

Thank you for taking the time to read this cover letter. After reviewing my résumé, feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience.

Warm regards,

Jane Doe

Original letter:

I was working as a sales person at a Chinese computer company, my co-worker made the comment about me after observing how I interact with people.  She said you should really be in marketing & PR department. 

A lady walked into our office and started watering all the plants, she comes in and out like a ghost, nobody pay attention to her.  They talked to her as much as they talked to the plants.  So she was surprised that some one like me started making nice complements about her plants and what a great job she has done to the plants.  Then we started a conversation, which lasted as long as an hour.........She almost told me her whole life story and why she does what she does....

This is what I have noticed about myself, that I could create that instant connection with anyone, from any background. I have in my possession hundreds of hundreds of business card.... I could be a powerful leads generating machine...I can make friends with President by just meeting him in the Hotel lobby, fall in love with a VP on a first class flight from SF to Boston, hook up with a CFO at a network meeting......... turning a Biker whose car got stolen and came to buy a car from my friend into a new friend and discover his music talent and his band and introducing him and his band to twenty other people which he called a total bizarre experience..........

I don't have any paid marketing PR job experience, however I have been doing that the whole time, marketing, everywhere I go, I connect, it's like my 2nd nature...I can't help myself by talking to whomever I am running into and by learning more about him or her and introducing myself and what I am passionate about. 

So imaging, a company with a unique product or service pays me a marginal service fee and put me in front of their targeting clients in a tradeshow setting or in their show room, magic could happen……….for me and the client I represent…MCI hired me to do their national TV advertising campaign…would you like to be the next MCI?????? 

After all where can you find a nice charming lady who speaks Chinese, English, German and some Japanese with a wonderful sense of humor, and last but not least an unusual business instinct and who can help you get what you want…This kind of opportunity does not happen often, so grab me before your competition does, Ok!!!!!!!