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Need extra help with your financial projections?
Depending upon your needs, I work with MBA consultants to go over your financial projections, ensuring their soundness and conclusions. If you are in need of such services, I will put you in contact with the right person. Just ask!

Private & Confidential
Many individuals worry about revealing private or proprietary information before discussing their business plan. Be assured that I keep all information strictly confidential no matter what. I am also happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement whenever necessary. You can download one below for your convenience.

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writing an effective business plan

professional business plan editing

san francisco editor business plan and proposal

Not words and numbers. Writing and financial vision.

Business plans are about marketing and persuasion. Without a professional writer your plan may not convince anyone—no matter how great your idea really is. My talents allow me to adapt to any voice, improve the impact of your writing, and imbue it with unparalleled style. Simply put, I will take your business plan from scribbles & suppositions to an inevitable story of success. You may have a great idea. You may even have great timing. If you've gotten this far, you've probably even got the drive and follow-through to get things done.

If your writing isn't immaculate, if it doesn't sound like it comes from an expert, and it doesn't tell a convincing story, it simply won't matter how good your business idea is. Professional editing can help you turn your business proposal into a real business.

Business Plan Samples

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Names and numbers have been changed to protect the confidentiality of the original plans.
Mobile Platform Business Plan Request for Proposal Sample Jewelry Inc.
Business plan editor writer

Note: All names and numbers have been changed to protect the confidentiality of the original plan.

Business plan editor writer

Note: All names and numbers have been changed to protect the confidentiality of the original plan.

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Proposal highlights:

In business since 2004, Word-for-Word is a unique transcription service that offers extremely high-quality and personal attention with a single point of contact for all your transcription needs.

The company is bidding only on the Portuguese component of the RFP. We are prepared to take on the entire project, or will accept the division of the project with other providers that WIPO selects during this bidding process.

Each of the transcribers at Word-for-Word are experts in their language pairs and have years of experience doing professional transcription. Additional transcribers can be added to the project as needed, even in additional language pairs.

All documents are kept in the strictest confidentiality and will be seen only by the transcribers involved.

The financial proposal is generous and includes the combined work of multiple transcribers on each document. Prices for Portuguese and French are exactly the same.

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