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My essay has some particularly difficult added requirements. Can you help with that too?

Of course! I've helped applicants for medical school, law school, MBA programs, advanced graduate programs, correspondence degrees and more. If you have supplementary questions or need to append a short explanation of why you failed a course, I will help you with those things too.
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Writing your admissions essay is the hardest thing you'll do. When you are too close to something, it is often more challenging and frustrating to try to get your message right. That's where a professional editor can help.

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The personal statement or thesis you write can easily be the most important essay of your career. Selection committees choose only the best. I can help you accomplish drastic edits and put those significant final touches on your personal writing. I also specialize in helping foreign-language students overcome the challenges of writing an American-style application essay.


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I've helped dozens of candidates get into medical school, law school, MBA programs, and advanced graduate research fellowships. It's your future. Let's make sure you are putting your best foot forward.


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How to Write a Good Personal Statement

Before you type a single word, it's a good idea to make sure you know all the keys to a great admissions essay.

Purpose Statement Essay Checklist

Start off right. Get to your main goals or theme right from the start. Take special care that the first few sentences are compelling and reflect your personality—but don't resort to gimmicks.

Be honest and reflective. The best essays I read are always frank and honest. They demonstrate that the applicant has really thought over past experiences—both good and bad—and knows how to use those experiences to plan for a bright future.

Use illustrative examples. Make certain you give firm examples of steps you've already taken to reach your career goals. If you're applying to law school and your essay leaves out the fact that you obtained a paralegal certificate, something's wrong. Selection committees want to know why you fit into their school. Tell them!

Set the record straight. Are there any sore spots on your record that you need to explain? Mention a negative briefly, but make certain you talk about how you have rectified the situation, "triumphed over adversity" or used it as a springboard for a later project. Perseverance and overcoming obstacles are good qualities!

Read the question. Follow the rules. It should probably go without saying, but make sure your essay answers the question. Many times applicants read so many essay prompts that they get them mixed up or try to throw in a one-answer-fits-all response. As you write, constantly refer to the question. And always make sure your essay is written with proper grammar, impeccable spelling, and follows all the guidelines.

Revising and the Editing Process

Even the best writers (especially the best writers) revise. Make sure your language is vivid. Delete anything that doesn't sound right, doesn't fit with your theme, or is just too long. Get feedback; if you don't hire a professional you should at least have a parent, teacher or colleague review your draft.

Here's how I help you write a winning admissions essay:

  • Step 1: First, I professionally edit your essay—correcting grammar, fixing punctuation, cutting out repetitions, reorganizing for clarity, and adding style and character.
  • Step 2: I'll send it back for your approval. Just as important, along with your revamped essay I will include suggestions for points you should add, portions that might be expanded or clarified, as well as sections that you may want to remove entirely. I'll ask you pointed questions (the same kind the selection committee asks) so that you can improve your personal statement tenfold.
  • Step 3: Take my advice or not. That's your choice. But when you're done adding those final bits, send it back to me for the final edits and proofreading.

Common Questions about Essay Revising

    How long does it take?
    As a professional editor, I can get a draft back to you in just a couple of days. Honestly, it usually takes longer for you to work on my suggestions than it takes for me to send you the revised draft. So the total time it takes depends on how motivated you are to finish!

    Why do you want to edit my essay twice?
    The first edit I do improves your essay a lot, especially in terms of style and organization, but it sometimes leaves a few nagging questions. I may ask you to expand on a relevant work experience you mentioned only briefly, or add a particular paragraph about what clubs you would pursue at Wharton. After you've considered my suggestions and send me a revision, I edit your essay one more time to make sure it is absolutely perfect.

    What if I don't like your suggestions?
    All I ask is that you consider them, as my suggestions are based on the experience of editing dozens and dozens of essays. But in the end it is your essay and you are in charge. No matter the final shape and content of your essay, I will proofread it so that it sounds wonderful and is completely error free.

    I write in a very particular way that expresses my personality and I don't want you to change that. Is that possible?
    Yes. Although I improve the professionalism, organization and style of your writing, I take particular attention to maintain your writing voice as best I can. My aim is to improve your writing, not to replace it.

    My essay has some particularly difficult added requirements. Can you help with that too?
    Of course! I've helped applicants for medical school, law school, MBA programs, advanced graduate programs, correspondence degrees and more. If you have supplementary questions or need to append a short explanation of why you failed a course, I will help you with those things too.

    How do you charge?
    I charge a flat rate for each essay. The cost depends on how many essays you want edited and the word count. Just send me your essay(s) and I'll tell you what I can do and how much it will cost. Recommend a friend and I'll give you both a discount.

    Can't you just write my essay for me?
    I can, but I won't. My services are meant to revise and drastically improve your essay. In the end, this brilliant statement has your name on it, so I want to be sure that it is your essay.

Tips for your Personal Statement &
University Application Essays

The following tips are based upon work with many candidates on their application essays. Reading them will also give you an idea of the kinds of questions I'll be asking you to ensure your essay says all it should.

    • Find connections between your life & experience and the desire to attend this particular program.
    Applicants love to talk about their home life or childhood dreams. Is this appropriate for an application essay? It can be—but only if you make the right connections. Did growing up in Saudi Arabia spark an interest in domestic violence prevention or social work? Did injustice in your home town or country inspire you to study law? Did your science fair project in 7th grade become a multi-million dollar business idea for someone else?

    • Always insert your career goals.
    What kind of business do you plan to open? What kind of lawyer do you want to be? What are your research goals? Why does this motivate you? Even if you aren’t sure (this isn’t a commitment, it’s only your current goal), you need to sound reasonably specific.

    • Tailor your application essays to the particular school.
    It is in your best interest to identify a specific program, club, or professor on campus that you are particularly interested in working with for each school you apply to.
    — Example: “One of the reasons I have focused on the School of Social Work at Columbia, beyond its recognized academic reputation, is the Community Access Forum that it hosts each month. As a student at Columbia, I plan to actively participate in these meetings and hope to volunteer as a community activist. I believe my experience with domestic violence cases will be valuable for the Community Access Forum, as well as for the community at large.”

    • Is there a word limit? Then eliminate things that have nothing to do with your application.
    You may enjoy surfing and yoga, but unless that's your career path, it may not belong here.

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