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Mandi Answers the Call of Small Businesses Looking to Do Big Business

SpeechPhone’s new service, Mandi Answers, is somewhere between a part-time receptionist and a call center, with the ability to customize what’s said and done 24/7, take messages, record calls, and schedule appointments.

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA — April 30, 2008 — Mandi Answers (, a new web-configurable service from SpeechPhone, gives small businesses the complete power of a 24/7 call center, with the flexibility and personality of a personal receptionist. Customers call a toll-free number and are greeted by a professional, friendly live receptionist who can transfer calls, take messages, schedule appointments or even dispense information on frequently asked questions. For busy entrepreneurs looking to expand their business or field calls from potential customers at any hour day or night, the service is a real boon.

“It’s like an answering service on steroids,” says Michael Metcalf, CEO of SpeechPhone. “Mandi Answers can take orders over the phone until your call volume is large enough to employ your own team. If you’re running a new ad campaign, Mandi Answers gives you that extra phone help just as long as you need it.”

Adds Metcalf, “You didn’t start your business just to answer the phone.”

Mandi Answers sends notifications instantly via email or text message, and conversations are recorded and available to listen to online right away. Metcalf says the service is as much about the customer as the business. It allows people an easy way to make appointments 24/7 and reschedule if necessary; Mandi will even call the customer to remind them ahead of time. It’s an ideal service for doctors, lawyers, realtors and other professionals who need their calls answered by a live operator.

“Customers want to talk to a live person when they phone, but small businesses can’t always afford the staff,” he says. “And there’s a whole world of early birds, night owls and customers in different time zones that need assistance at all hours.” Because clients only pay for the time they use, small business owners have found that outsourcing the receptionist position to Mandi Answers can save money on salary and related employee expenses.

The service is far more customizable than traditional answering services. It can be configured or turned on and off at any time and syncs with multiple scheduling calendars, including Outlook. Mandi Answers can also be used in conjunction with other SpeechPhone services, including an automated receptionist and IP PBX, for a complete cost-effective call management solution.

Mandi Answers is ready to work instantly and does not require any lengthy setup delays or long-term contracts. Plans start at $77/month and include a toll-free number. For more information contact +1 877 322 9141 or visit

SpeechPhone LLC develops assistant services to enhance the productivity of mobile professionals and small businesses at reasonable costs.

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