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Brazilian Girls [keywords: Brazilian girls, Brazilian women, Brazil, Brazilians]

The country of Brazil has so much to offer the world and actively welcomes outsiders into its culture. You’ve probably heard about Carnival—the largest and most authentic Mardi Gras party in the world. You may even have heard of Brazilian music like bossa nova or tropicalia, and dances like the samba that, although invented in Brazil, today have enthusiastic followings worldwide. But without doubt you have heard (and seen) the beauties that are Brazilian women, by and large some of the most gorgeous women in the world. Supermodels like Gisele, and a new wave of popular singers like Bebel Gilberto and Maria Rita, combine good looks and an indescribable charm.

Men often wonder if there is any explanation for the unimaginable concentration of extraordinarily stunning women, all in one hot, exotic country like Brazil. Actually, there are a multitude of reasons. Brazilian women are the descendents of generations of racial mixing, including Portuguese, Africans, indigenous peoples. In the 20th century, these mixed-race beauties combined with more recent immigrants from Germany, Italy, other Latin American countries, as well as from China and Japan. In a recent census, Brazilians were asked for the first time to write in their “race” instead of checking a box for African or Caucasian. The response led to over one hundred different categories, from “caramel” to “chocolate” to “café au lait.” While everyone can agree Brazilian women sound delicious, the truth is bare to the eyes: Brazilian women have an exotic beauty that is simply incomparable anywhere else in the world.

Brazilian girls, especially those living along the coastline in cities like Rio de Janeiro and Salvador de Bahia, value both their physical and mental appearance. They are in top shape and not ashamed to parade their gorgeous figures around in the trademark Brazilian string bikini, popularly called fio dental (“dental floss”). Yet they are also modest women. Though you can see just about everything hanging out from these bikinis, you won’t find topless girls on the beach in Brazil, and nude beaches are only in designated locales. American girls who try to dress like Brazilian girls often come off looking low-class, but Brazilian women have an effable elegance and grace that carries them as true ladies. Their smiles are nothing less than divine, a window into an inner sweetness they share with their lovers and soul mates.

So what are Brazilian women like? They’re phenomenal! Brazilian girls share a profound love of life, they smile constantly, and they know how to have a good time. They don’t take life’s problems with any more seriousness than necessary, and they always “know” that good news is around the corner. Their optimism is balanced by a deep sense of compassion, family, and togetherness. While young girls like to play around and experiment, women in committed relationships are faithful and adoring. Women aspire to marry, and marriage is a large family affair. They expect to feel loved and return that love back to you tenfold. They are sensitive, sensual, and affectionate women, whose passion will turn you on and intrigue you from the first second.

The way to a Brazilian woman’s heart is through charm and honesty. Brazilian girls look for a sense of humor above all, and want to be proud of their companion. They admire men who are educated, responsible, and authoritative in the workplace, but soft and sweet in private. Brazilian women are fascinated by foreign men, especially those who show an active interest in their culture. Learning just a few words in Portuguese, or listening to famous Brazilian artists like Caetano Veloso, or Gilberto Gil, are guaranteed to get you in. “Você é gostosa!” – You are stunning — is a good start when learning Portuguese. Dancing and music are also important to Brazilian girls. Don’t worry if you can’t dance— let her teach you! The samba is both a dance and a type of music, a combination that is very sensual and worth learning together.

Many Brazilian women want to practice their English, and make great pen pals until you can meet in person. The Internet has really taken off in Brazil and is a fabulous way to get to know someone. Brazilian girls are friendly and affectionate, and it is easy to understand when they are interested in someone of the opposite sex. If you travel to Brazil, you’ll find that it is common to meet girls through friends or relatives, but it is just as common to meet them on the beach, in school, or in an upscale boite, or club. [A note of caution: stay away from bars that are known to cater exclusively to foreign men because these are generally filled with prostitutes, not the women you are looking for. They are easy to spot because there are 5 women for every man — a real club is more mixed]

However you meet your Brazilian girlfriend, treat her well. She will expect you to share in her culture and her family, and she will reward you with a lifetime of beauty, smiles, and optimism— treasures that cannot be found easily anywhere else in the world.