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The best apartment hotel in Paris, très bien!

There is so much to see and visit in the city of Paris, many tourists don’t know where to begin. Should you see the Eiffel Tower first, or cruise down by the Seine? How about the priceless museum artifacts in the Louvre? All in all, there is hardly a bad day spent in Paris. The key is to arrive with comfortable accommodations and explore the city as much as possible on foot and public transport. If you haven’t already, you should really consider an apartment hotel in Paris.

Smart travelers have recently come to appreciate the benefits of the apartment hotels available in the city. These truly Parisian accommodations are apartments rented out privately, usually by the owner. They function like hotels in that you can rent for as little as one night, but they offer all the benefits of an apartment: full kitchen, comfort, privacy, and a true Parisian address from which to explore the city’s many sights.

There are plenty of apartment hotels to choose from on this site. Selecting the right one for you requires a little bit of consideration. Here’s a quick checklist to think about before deciding on the right apartment hotel for you:

  1. Style- For some visitors, finding a genuinely “Parisian” apartment hotel is at the top of the list. Because of Paris’s lush history, you can find grand apartments that echo back to the 18th century, and others that offer excellent examples of practical and stylish modern European décor.
  1. Size- Apartment hotels come in all sizes. You’ll primarily choose the size based on sleeping arrangement: how many people are in your party and how many beds you’ll need. Be sure to verify these as you choose, as sleeping arrangements vary in different apartments.
  1. Location- What would your Parisian apartment rental be without a great neighborhood café and access to the city’s attractions? All the apartment hotels listed on this site are located near metro, RER (train), or bus lines. Staying in the center of the city is a luxury that you might consider passing on because public transport is excellent in Paris.

With these considerations in mind, it’s time for some happy hunting for your apartment hotel in Paris. Remember that photographs will give you a good idea of the apartment and don’t hesitate to ask questions! One of the many benefits of apartment hotel rentals is that you can have your questions answered by the owner who really knows the apartment and the area. You’ll get great advice, not only about your apartment, but about the neighborhood and the city too!