In today's competitive design market selling is not about stores, but stories. This piece was commissioned by the creators of the Lomme, a luxury designer bed from Europe.

A Look Inside Lomme

Wake up.

The inspiration for Lomme began in London, where a full night’s sleep is as rare as a scorching winter’s day. Agnieszka had been doing some research on sleep deprivation, which affects a staggering 100 million people worldwide. It didn’t take long for the causes to present themselves. Alarms buzzing. Computer on. Street cleaning on Thursday. Seventeen repeating messages on the answerphone. The refrigerator’s insufferable hum. Work. Car. Go.

Good morning modern life. As we’re continually bombarded from all sides at all hours, it’s only natural that the effects of stilted, interrupted sleep have begun to compromise our daytime lives. Before 6am conference calls and chirping mobile phones, we had a more consequential reason for waking up. Nature’s alarm clock is the sunrise, which, by contrast, is intelligently designed to do away with that horrid buzz.

Getting back to natural sleep basics without renouncing our daily obsessions required a new way of thinking about rest. Agnieszka and I came up with what seemed a simple solution: What if we crafted a bed that protected you from all these things?

We grew increasingly enthusiastic about the idea of creating a place that restored the sanctity of sleep, but it was time for another important paradigm shift.

We said goodbye to London.

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“there is no hope for a civilisation which starts each day to the sound of an alarm clock”