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This life coaching site needed a way to bring visitors back to the site again and again. Working with a creative agency, we came up with a free e-mail newsletter that could be sent each week to prospective clients. The e-mails are informative—you learn something new each week—but they also encourage you to visit the site.

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P~P~S Success Weekly Bulletin
Monday, October 2.

Paul's thought of the week:
How often do you find yourself arguing with someone, and while they are talking you are so busy formulating a counterattack that you don't even hear what they are saying?

Effective Listening is Effective Vision
Do you find yourself wanting to hear constructive criticism but notice that it's difficult to do so because you feel that others are judging you or criticizing your efforts? By truly hearing the message behind the words, you can offer the best of your Self to those around you and in turn gain more from their offerings as well. Learning to hear others when they talk to you is a crucial step in your personal development and in the creation of healthy relationships.

Effective listening doesn't sound so difficult. After all, many people say they listen, but do they hear? So many of us find ourselves too busy constructing our defenses to hear what others are saying when we are talking to them! When we close ourselves off in this way, we close ourselves off to opportunities for growth and support.

When you open your ears to the world and to your Self, you will learn to hear the true message, regardless of the words it is wrapped in. This week, open your Self up to an entire universe of visible and invisible helpers and listen.

Have a great and productive week!

—Paul Chek

Learn more: The final lesson in the first year of the P~P~S Success Mastery Program is centered on developing your listening skills. It expands on the previous lessons and offers you many practical techniques to help your Self and others by hearing their needs. Listen in on success—visit!

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