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Example output

"My text" = "мⓎ †éë׆";

"My text" = "漢字 漢漢";

"My text" = "خط عربی";

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    What's pseudolocalization?

    Pseudolocalization is a quick way to find out if your app is ready to send for translation. We return a valid strings file based on source texts where English is replaced by a fake Chinese or French (see image). Load up this pseudo-localized strings file and run your app. Don't forget to set your System language accordingly.

    Check every screen and make sure all the text appears as the pseudo-localized text rather than your original. If you can't spot any missing strings, you're good to go.

    A common rule of thumb is that most European languages are 30% longer than English, so tiny buttons and titles may not fit when you localize. Pseudolocalization can help you spot those cramped spaces too!


    A look at "European" pseudolocalization. Just drop it in your fr.lproj folder and run it with your system set to French.

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